Mi Eco Casa Tu Eco Casa - Reality TV

This show is an edu-reality TV show following the rising wave of Sustainable Housing and Energy Systems. While generating excitement by giving away homes to winners from the audience (or chosen by certain criteria), the show will be educational, showing international viewers how they can realize their dreams of home ownership. They will learn how to customize their home with sustainable systems that are more comfortable, safer (earthquake and wind proof), and more economical to build and operate. The body of each episode will use voice overs to facilitate international licensing and distribution.

Mi Eco Casa Tu Eco Casa will be produced in Mexico, where the government has already passed laws requiring all new construction, whether residential and commercial, to utilize certified sustainable building and energy system in order to qualify for bank financing. This new law, Nom 020, was instituted so that Mexican government banks could qualify for World Bank funds. These Mexican banks plan to fund the construction of 1,200,000 new homes under the World Bank’s Sustainable Housing and Energy programs. These will be mostly replacement homes for displaced families whose wood, brick and concrete homes were destroyed by recent hurricanes and earthquakes.

The Duratherm SIPS Building System will be featured on the show, along with its primary suppliers and advertisers.

Clearance Details
Program Title: Mi Eco Casa Tu Eco Casa
Program Format: Reality Competition
Running Time:  Half Hour – (28:30) 
Term of License: 52 Weeks Term
Frequency: 26 Original/26 Repeats 
Window:  6 AM – 1 AM
Launch Date:  Fall, 2019

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