Gold Mines! American Made - Reality TV

Gold fever...the obsession to possess the rare and precious metal forged only in the hearts of exploding stars has vexed almost all who seek it. Even before the time of the Spanish conquistadors searching for the City of Gold to the present where high tech prospectors feverishly carve the earth dreaming of striking it rich, Gold has held a unique fascination beyond its monetary value.

Now, a new reality television series, GOLD! AMERICAN MADE, captures the relentless, often violent and dangerous...and sometimes heartbreaking quest of a team of modern day prospectors on the verge of discovering a treasure greater than a king’s ransom.

Philosophically and spiritually the course of the show gives us an opportunity to present the everyday human dynamics of fear, greed, materialism and interpersonal conflict in contrast to the ultimate solution for happiness: thinking of others first.  With the help of two seasoned citizen partners we’ll be able to publically face the issues that come with alcoholism and other addictions, the dilemmas associated with ageing and lost opportunity while hanging on to a thin thread of hope, and the inner conflicts that arise from deferring life until a certain level of material success has been achieved. The show will contrast the pros and cons of gaining wealth too soon, and figuring out what to do with it – how to keep wealth and release it in a way that benefits self and others. The difference between getting, hoarding and giving will be illustrated, showcasing the joy of giving in the context of supporting orphans and providing low cost sustainable housing.

Problems and mistakes with the mining can actually be good for dramatic content in the show. Although the show exposes certain aspects of the mining ops in ways that we never intended, that exposure will actually give cover for parallel private operations. If certain mines cannot be exposed, other working mines can be accessed for simulation. If the script requires faster mining progress than we are actually making, discovering gold can be simulated. Layered strategies add value to the lives of the viewing audience and will win loyalty. The show will feature a touring due diligence team visiting prospective mining properties to probe viability and negotiate with owners – for the purposes of entertainment and to create mining opportunities.

Clearance Details
Program Title: Gold Mines! American Made
Program Format: Reality Competition
Running Time:  One Hour – (58:30) 
Term of License: 52 Weeks Term
Frequency: 26 Original/26 Repeats 
Window:  6 AM – 1 AM
Launch Date:  Fall, 2019

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